Saturday, July 25, 2009

My first day in IIT Bombay

My registration date for Mtech in IIT Bombay was on 16th May. I set out from my home with my cousin on 14th so that I would reach IITB on 15th evening.
I didn't know where exactly to get down from train. I had a ticket from Tirur to CST. Fortunately , from Tirur station I met on of my cousin's friend, Shahansad and his friend Febin. He was also coming to IITB , he is a second year Btech student in CSE.
I could see many flooded areas near Mumbai, from the train. We got down in Thane station. From there we took an auto to IITB, Powai. The meter runs very fast here. We should have taken a local train to Kanjur Marg station and take auto from there rather than from Thane.
There is a huge traffic outside the campus. We got down in Main gate. As the campus is very large, there is bus service inside the campus. From the main gate we took a bus to Hostel-6, where all mtech students are supposed to be allocated.
The security of the hostel told us that it is late and the warden has left. He told us to sleep in the TV room. So we put our luggage in TV room. Along with us there were many other new comers in TV room. Students of IIT were watching TV till 5:30 morning. There was a mini canteen near the TV room which is also working late night. Some of us could not sleep well that night because of the sounds.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My first day in hostel

I have been in nitc hostel for 4 years. Now it is time to vacate the hostel..

I remember a few things in first day in hostel. One of them is about my room mates, how they took the positions in the room.

On the first day my mother and cousin came with me. Buying all the things needed(bucket,mug,..), and puting all the things I took from home they left me. It was for the first time I am in a hostel. One of my room mate was an MP guy(Harsh Shrivastava ). Another room mate was Dany Joseph, a mallu.

Harsh was in an angry mood that time. He was the one to come first in my room (A-311). He checked the register for verifying his room number. He saw my name 'Mohamed Hanoosh MP'. He thought how come two MP guys in same room. That's not possible. He thought his room is 313 (It was his room number during his school days). He went to 313. He was the first one to reach 313 too. He took corner bed there. Later all inmates of 313 came. Then he had to verify his number again and decided to come back to 311. At that time Dany had already taken corner bed. I had just put all my luggages on the other corner bed. He had to take the middle bed! He uttered some thing. I didn't understand. I couldn't understand what he is asking me. I was very weak in speaking English those days. Later I could make it.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Compsci farewell

Today we had our department farewell. Usually our department conducts farewell earlier than all other departments. This time we were late. This time it was our juniors who arranged and coordinated it. Thanks to them.

It was from 5 to 6. As usual we the seniors were late(i think after effect of procession today).
There was a welcome speech by junior. After the welcome speech, our dear HOD Dr. Vineeth Kumar Paleri sir gave a talk. He mentioned the constraints within which the dept is working. Then faculty members gave us wishes. We had cakes and cool drinks in between these.

Some of my class mates and PG students shared their experiences in the college especially with the department. Juniors and some of my classmates exhibited a good performance before us. Murali sir also gave a wonderful performance.

Anyway it was the final day, we could meet all of the department members together.